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New Products - May 2011

Auslowe wishes to announce the arrivial of some new products.

We now have the White Road Boss short bonnet conversion, C501 Kenworth conversion, 1/24 scale 6 spoke drive in a one piece rim with separate spider insert, 5 spoke trailer, also 10 stud one piece rim drive and trailer set available. We also have the Cummins 903 non-turbo and Cummins 903 turbo engines. We have a few new dashes available too the AMT cabover Freightliner right hand dash + floor pan (small cab floor pan, can be modified to suit large cab), White Road Boss right hand dash, Revell F12 Volvo right hand dash and a AMT Kenworth K123 right hand dash + floor pan. Our range of tyres are now being made in rubber resin so look and feel like the real thing and are easier to use. Our PE4 assorted pipe angles are now done in rubber resin too so are more flexible. We are very excited to announce that we now have flexible exhaust pipe that bends to any angle and stays there. It is in rubber and can easily be painted.

Our next major project that is under way now is the Mack Bicentennial conversion for the Superliner kit. Inconjunction with this many product will be useful on a standard Superliner. Stay tuned for updates. Will include full striping decal and plaque sets to do each sets to do each version.

All the best,
Auslowe Model Accessories.


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